Big Tax Bill?

A business owner, organized as a sole proprietorship, received a very large bill from the IRS. We advised him to form as an LLC, and helped him to set up a bank account and register with the state. We filed a return with the missing Schedule D...and the tax problem went away.

Are you an LLC?

An LLC can be treated like a sole proprietorship; like a partnership; or like an S Corporation. The right tax strategy for you depends on the size and type of business. Let us assess your business and make sure you are paying as few taxes as possible.

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Our Pros Handle All Your Tax Needs

We specialize in all the taxes that affect your small business:income tax, payroll tax, sales tax...any tax.

Tax Planning is NOT Just Once a Year

...and it's not just filling out forms

We get to know you and your business through personalized consultations. We apply our experience in both the legal and accounting side of tax issues, to minimize your tax exposure and eliminate tax surprises.