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  • Federal Health Care Mandate for Employers Delayed!
  • Summertime Child Care Expenses May Qualify for a Tax Credit
  • Will the New 3.8% Tax on Investment Income Apply to You?

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Small Business Tax and Accounting Services

Taking the leap and going into business for yourself can be as liberating as it is scary. In order for a small business to grow and thrive, it has to have excellent financial management. But how can you keep your cash flowing without breaking your strict budget?

Padgett Business Services provides a customized mix of business services that is just the right size for your business, at a predictable, affordable monthly rate.

Choose from tax preparation, accounting services, and payroll services; receive legal and business advice as needed, for no extra charge!

Low Monthly Fee for Big Business Benefits

Padgett Business Services specializes in tax consultation and preparation, offering both an accounting and legal perspective to your financial planning and reporting to help you grow your business and avoid costly mistakes.

Clients pay a fixed monthly amount to gain access to unlimited business advice as well as reliable accounting and tax services. Find out how Padgett Business Services can take your business to a new level with a free consultation.

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